The Story Of The Werewolves

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The Story Of The Werewolves

Post  Besterich27 [Adminzor] on Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:46 pm

The Story

Coming from the dark deep forests at night... you might not want to face them in the forests...
Once, there was a "Disease", atleast, the people back then thought so... it was actually, a forest bacteria, infecting people to turn them into powerfull WereWolves. Most commonly it happened to normal wolves, but sometimes... It happened to humans... The ones infected, felt the extreme power in their hands and legs... They felt themselves turning more powerfull... With the power they had, they even began a clan... With one mission: Take. Over. The. World. But, they knew they were few. They were hiding in the forests, practicing to handle their unbelivable strength. At day, they turned normal, but then... The bacteria evolved, they couldnt now change their being. Never. Ever. Again. They were unbelivably pissed and raged. Ran out of their hideouts, destroying everything in their way. Many people died, but then the werewolves calmed down. They decided to live, like a normal wolfpack. But ofcourse, alot stronger. They made alliances, to make sure they wouldn´t get charged on by many other, clans on the world. They were officaly a werewolf clan.
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