How to Join [Read this First]

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How to Join [Read this First]

Post  Besterich27 [Adminzor] on Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:03 pm

How to Join

To join, you must apply with the following application, then you will be taken to In Game training. [Then make a new topic, The name should be; YourName´s Application];

InGame name:
Your Skills?: [Example; 7/10, but take note, that this is not needed. Thats what training is for, right? But it would be great to have high skilled members. [Delete this, please ;P]]
What class and style would you like to play?; [Infantry, Cavalry, Archer, Crossbower. Charger, Defender, Ambusher, Dueller, Supporter] (Only Warband, If your not going for Warband, delete this.)
Why do you want to join us?;
Tell us a bit about yourself please;
Will you follow all rules, allways?;
Are you good at strategy in games like TF2?;
And finnaly: Wich games will you play in with us?; [Black Ops, Warband, World of Warcraft, TF2, etc.]


1. Allways take orders from higher ranks.

2. Never take orders from lower ranks.

3. Never take orders from other clans.

4. Never quit during a match, unless you got a serious IRL reason.

5. Never double-clan.

6. Allways follow the official clan rules.

7. Never give up on a match.

8. To make sure you read it, you will have on the application write at the end; I would love to join this clan. This is for the sakes that everyone reads the rules and the whole topic.

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